Baptism at St. Elizabeth is performed after following steps provided by the parish. For more information please contact the Parish office at 409-727-8874.

As the “first teachers of your child in the ways of faith,” you are to be complimented on your interest in preparing well for your child’s celebration of the sacrament of Baptism. You are both asked to attend our next baptismal preparation session. Please contact the parish office on dates for the next Baptism class details.

To prepare for this class, sign up at: FORMED.ORG and View Sessions 1 And 3 of REBORN. We will watch Session 2 and have discussion at the class.

Concerning Godparents:

Godparents are required to attend the baptismal preparation session Or have a letter stating they’ve attended preparation session within the past 3 years.

Please Bring the Baptism Godparent Covenant to Class.

Baptism is your child’s “Welcome into our Catholic Faith Community.”  Let’s celebrate warmly and meaningfully.

Parents should first contact the office to register for the preparation class and to schedule the baptism date.  Preparatory classes for parents and godparents are required prior to the baptism or a letter from a parish showing the parent/godparent has attended a class within the last 5 years is required.  The preparation classes at St. Elizabeth are held every other month, and baptisms are generally held the first Sunday of each month except during Lent and Advent, when no baptisms are held. 
The baptism application must be provided to the office prior to the baptism.  Baptism requirements are listed in the Parent and Godparent Covenants.


Parents should understand that presenting their child for Baptism is a promise to faithfully raise their child in the Catholic faith, and to be an example of Christian living for their child.

In order to celebrate your child’s baptism at St. Elizabeth, the following requirements must be met:

  1. The parents who are Catholic are expected to be practicing Catholics. This means being registered in a parish, giving of their time, talent, and treasure in support of their parish.
  2. Parents must attend a Baptism Preparation class. Expectant parents are encouraged to attend the Baptism Class before the birth of their child. Baptism Classes are held every other month on Thursdays at 7 p.m. at the parish.
  3. Parents should be registered members of St. Elizabeth.
  4. Parents who are not registered at St. Elizabeth must provide verification of registration in another parish signed by the Pastor of that parish with church seal, and returned to the parish office. Their Pastor must also give permission for the Baptism to be celebrated at St. Elizabeth.

 To register for the class and Baptism, please contact Charlene at 409-727-8874 or email –



In order to serve as a Godparent(s), the following requirements must be met:

  1. Godparents are Catholics in good standing who are registered in a parish, attend Mass, and are giving of their time, talent, and treasure to their parish.
  2. A Godparent Must be a confirmed Catholic and practicing their Catholic faith. If the person is a non-Catholic, they may be a Christian Witness.
  3. One Godparent is required, but you may have two.
  4. Godparents(s) are to be at least 16 years old and confirmed, and not cohabitating.
  5. Married Godparents must be in a valid Catholic marriage, that is, married by a priest or deacon in the Catholic church, or have had the marriage validated, or had a dispensation from the local Bishop to be married in the church of another faith tradition.
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