Welcome to St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church.  We are a group of sinners who want to be saints.  We’re not there yet, but as Jesus says in the Gospel of Matthew, “for God all things are possible.”  God calls us all to be saints, and through the wonderful gift of His grace makes it possible for us to answer the universal call to holiness.  Through the blessing of the sacraments He assures us we are receiving access to the graces He offers.  St. Elizabeth’s is a place where we can live this sacramental life, and encourage and support one another on this journey.

And it is a journey.  Sometimes the road can be smooth and we fly along like a Ferrari.  At other times it’s full of twists and turns, and still others where the road seems to disappear and we feel bogged down with no way out.  One of the great things about community is that we don’t have to be alone.  Together we share in each other’s joy and pain.  We can be there for one another, like a family.

In our family it’s our goal to support one another in our faith.  Together we receive the Body and Blood of Christ and listen to the Word of God.  Our sins are forgiven in Reconciliation. Gathered with our parish family life’s most significant passages take on eternal dimension: the birth of a child in Baptism, the beginnings of adulthood in Confirmation, the love of a man and a woman in Marriage, the passing of a loved one in Christian Burial.

The parish is a living, breathing entity because in it God interacts with His people.  It is also a mystery because through the grace of God we can be transformed into what we could not otherwise be: Christ’s Mystical Body — His hands and feet, His eyes and mouth.  Because of this we strive to invite others to share in God’s love, and be His ambassadors to the world.

Please have a look around our website. If we can help you in anyway please contact any of our parish staff and we will be more than happy to help or answer any questions for you.

If you would like to join our parish family we invite you to download a registration form and return it to the parish office.

We welcome you to our family, the family of St. Elizabeth’s Church!

Fr. Jim McClintock

Peace be with you.
Veni, Sanctus Spiritus. Come, Holy Spirit.