The St. Elizabeth Parish Pastoral Council is the lay consultative body to assist the pastor in the pastoral needs of our local Catholic Community…our Parish. The Parish Pastoral Council is tasked to assist, organize, coordinate, evaluate, unify, and support activities within the Parish, ensuring the extension of Christ’s mission. The Pastoral Council represents all members of the Parish and aims to build up that community, to continue what it has begun, and to achieve its mission as the Body of Christ.

The Parish Pastoral Council and its committees exist to serve our parish community by offering prudent, and respectful advice guided by prayerful reflection.

Parish Council Members
  • Fr. Jim McClintock- Pastor
  • Dr. Stephen Hall (President)
  • Celina Ellis (Vice President)
  • Carol Phelps (Secretary)
  • Trayce Boudoin
  • Mark Byars
  • Amber Davis
  • Lynelle Fontenote
  • Darlene Landry
  • Mark Leckich
  • Jacob Guilbeaux
  • Michael Melancon
  • Taylor Miguez
Peace be with you.
Veni, Sanctus Spiritus. Come, Holy Spirit.