The goal and purpose of Music Ministry is to enhance the experience of worship by heightening the Word of God with music and to provide beauty to the liturgy through music. Through strong musical leadership, we strive to enable the song of the assembly to encourage full, active and conscious participation.  Cantors, Choirs and Instrumentalists also minister to the assembly by providing music which allows and encourages spiritual reflection.

Music has always played a vital role in the Catholic liturgy.  Over the centuries, a rich tradition of liturgical music has been and continues to be developed.  Music transforms our prayer into a higher form of expression and helps unite the congregation in one voice of praise and celebration.  St. Elizabeth offers several opportunities for those interested in serving in this vital and important ministry.

Adult Choirs

These ensembles sing for each of our weekend masses as well as additional celebrations throughout the year.  Repertoire includes a broad range of liturgical and sacred music from both traditional and modern styles.  Rehearsals are one-half hour before each mass.

St. Elizabeth Chorale

This ensemble sings for solemnities, feast days, and festival liturgies, such as Easter Vigil, throughout the year.  Rehearsals are each Monday 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. beginning in August.  In addition to singing a broad range of choral music, the chorale also draws from the Catholic Church’s great wealth of sacred and liturgical music for its repertoire.

If you are interested in learning more about the fundamentals of reading and understanding music, proper singing technique, and are willing to make a weekly commitment to rehearse, then this is the choir for you.  Please contact the church office for more information.

Worship Team

This talented group of High School instrumentalists and vocalists provides music each month for Youth Ministry Sundays, XLT Adoration services, and other occasions.  The band uses modern instrumentation like drums, bass, guitars, keyboard, and, from time to time, brass and woodwind instruments to offer a more contemporary sound.

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