Marriage Enrichment

Marriage Enrichment Date Nights

Once a month, married couples are invited to enjoy a date night with their parish family. These evenings are based on growing your marriage through prayer and activities that are designed to draw the couple closer to God and each other. The coordinators of the Marriage Enrichment Ministry are Carol and Mike Phelps

Marriage Enrichment Mission Statement
Marriage is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman and its unconditional faithfulness and love equips each of us with tools to weather the storms of life.
This ministry provides our parish with a resource to support married couples as they endeavor to strengthen their covenant bond while proclaiming the presence of Jesus Christ within their families and through their daily lives.
Our mission is to enrich our spousal relationship by:

  • Responding to God’s call to holiness through the vocation of marriage
  • Allowing God to be the centerpiece of our marriages and establishing dependence on His Word to sustain and bless our marriage
  • Working to create a model of a healthy and loving relationship with our spouse that fosters spiritual growth
  • Attending mass together
  • Praying more together as a couple
  • Promoting the integrity of our marriage in how we act toward and how we speak to our spouses
  • Having date nights that allow us to give undivided time to our spouses

And most of all…Enjoying our blessed relationship and having more fun in it than we have ever had!