Priest Processing with the Monstrance

Dear Padre Article from September 9th, 2020.

My nephew has a chronic illness. My father is saving money to send to him so he can send it to a faith healer my dad has seen on TV. What can I say to my dad to convince him this is a bad idea?

The Catholic Church teaches that “those who dwell in heaven” regularly intercede with God on our behalf (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 956), and those intercessions include healings.

But living people with the power to instantly heal physical and mental ailments are rare. Some “healers” have accomplices who fake illness or disability and are then “cured” for the sole purpose of getting people to give money to the “healer.” We should be very skeptical about these claims, because scam artists understand how easy it is to take advantage of people who are desperate for relief of pain or for the cure of a chronic or terminal illness.

One thing is certain: healing ultimately comes from God. Anyone who claims he or she is the healer and not simply God’s instrument is unquestionably a fraud. Suggest to your dad that he talk to his priest before he sends any money to the “healer.” The best way for him to help his grandson is to pray for him and donate any money he has saved to an organization that does research into the condition. That way, your father will be helping everyone with the condition—not just your nephew.

—Fr. Rick Potts, CSsR

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